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VIDEO: Zoner puts anglers on the fish

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The Zoner T1 Teazer from Finland’s Liquid Zone – puts anglers on the fish.

The new Zoner T1 Teazer from innovative Finnish company, Liquid Zone, takes the lure to where the fish are.

Water is layered by temperature and when trolling, the Zoner continuously measures water temperature and maintains an ideal depth as it is common knowledge that each species of fish has a typical temperature range where it is active.

The Zoner is light, simple to set and easy to locate even in rough water should your line break.

You can set the Zoner to take the lure to the exact water layer by temperature or depth settings. Fishing by pre-set depth comes in handy when you know how deep the fish are –for example, based on sonar readings.

The Zoner calculates depth by constantly measuring the water pressure and operates within a depth range of one metre to 20 metres (0 to 65ft).

The Zoner can also be used to take the lure to the water layer with pre-set water temperature. This operating mode is useful when you know the typical temperature range where a certain species of fish are active.

The Zoner T1 Teazer, also makes rapid pull-ups in two minute intervals.This effectively provokes the predatory instinct of the fsh to strike.

The Zoner dives until one of the pre-set values – depth or temperature – has been reached. If you want to maintain a desired depth regardless of water temperature, this can be done by simply setting the water temperature at 0˚C /32˚F

Adjustments to the settings are easily made with a magnetic pen.


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