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Zagaia Lures targets US after successful ICAST

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Zagaia Lures showed off its big poppers, including the Titan, at ICAST in Orlando.
↑ The Minotauro popper comes in large , 90gr, and smaller, 34gr (pictured), versions.
↑ Zagaia Lures innovative approach to lure design is evident in the Cascavel.

Brazil’s biggest lure manufacturer is preparing to launch into the North American market after a successful first ICAST.

Zagaia Lures of Sao Paolo has been supplying its domestic market since 1983, the company’s growth fuelled by Brazil’s proliferation of fisheries and wide range of sport fish species.

Among Zagaia’s most popular lures are its bright, robust poppers, and there were plenty on view on the company’s booth in the Orange County Convention Centre last month.

The big poppers, including the 18cm, 90g Minotauro and 20cm, 105g Titan models, are made from high-impact resin and strong stainless steel wire. The lures have a pronounced, deep mouth designed to create lots of turbulence and splash and have been used successfully in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans to catch blue jack, roosterfish, tuna fish and other aggressive predators.

Zagaia also produces smaller versions of these lures. The 11cm, 34g Minotauro and 12.5cm, 37g Titan models have the same shape as the bigger versions and are made in the same way, armed with strong, carbon steel hooks to withstand the attentions of Brazil’s fighting peacock bass, yellowtail, snapper and tarpon. The lures are most effective when the retrieve is interjected with short pauses and spurts.

Zagaia’s innovative approach to lure design is evident in the Cascavel. This 9cm, 16g model has a corrosion-resistant coating that changes colour as the bait moves through the water. Retrieved in a zig-zag motion across the surface maximises the Cascavel’s allure for species such as bluefish, bonito, peacock bass, trairao and sermambiqara.

Zagaia’s Prima Gold Stick and Baby Gold lures both use a holographic system to simulate scales and add to the baits’ lifelike appearance. The 10.5cm, 22g Prima Gold can either be retrieved in short bursts to plunge the bait underwater before it floats seductively back up to the surface, or on a faster, even retrieve that will work the zone just below the surface. Target species include olho de boi, sororoca, barracuda and yellowtail.

The Baby Gold is designed to target tilapia, black bass, trairao and matriuka and is most effective when twitched slowly through the water just below the surface, says Zagaia.

More new Zagaia lures are in the pipeline, including a very big bait for high speed trolling called the Angry Sub. The 16cm. 65g prototype has been testing well and goes into production at the end of September this year.


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