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XP Baits planning to take lures worldwide

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The newly developed Turbo Spinner lures will lead the global sales push in 2017.

One of the world’s fastest growing new lure developers is following up the enormous success of its original ice jigs with a new series of spinners as it bids to become a ‘brand for all seasons’ for anglers across the globe.

Russia’s XP Baits has enjoyed rapid success in its home market over the past 12 months and its already selling its ‘high quality and unique’ lures in the USA, Canada, Australia and the Czech Republic. It is now looking to expand throughout Europe and the rest of the world with its growing portfolio of fish catchers.

Leading the way is the Butterfly, described by XP Baits as a ‘unique design that performs in summer as well as winter’ thanks to its ability to glide effortlessly through the water.

“A distinctive feature of the Butterfly’s action is the absence of those sudden movements that mimic those of a nimble and healthy minnow. Instead, it replicates the slow movements of a weak or injured minnow. Fish such as perch, pike and zander are fooled into thinking it is vulnerable prey or a sinking hatchling and they can’t resist striking.

“The secret is in the construction of the wings. When the Butterfly is lowered in the water, they are forced open, allowing the bait to glide. When being lifted up, they are folded closed, allowing the bait to move vertically.”

Adds XP Baits: “This is a unique bait that breaks the stereotype of typical winter baits. Everyone who sees the Butterfly ice jig recognises that it is a game changer in the sector.”

New for 2017 are the Turbo Lure and Far & Deep spinners. The former boasts a special double keel that eliminates line twist and helps to bring the Turbo Spinner to the surface of the water creating ‘turbulence’ that fish cannot resist. Sonic vibrations add to the attraction, while its shape allows for long casting. Far & Deep has a special two-part construction which allows the blade to rotate freely at all times, even at slow speeds, while also preventing the spinner body from rotating, meaning the hook is always in position.

XP Baits says it is looking for ambitious distribution partners in all parts of the world who have the desire to bring something new to the market.

For more information contact International Sales Manager Nelly Nasybullina on +7 987 25 991 82 or +7 937 494 24 00.

skype: nellynelsun

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