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Wiley X renews backing of World Carp and Predator Classics

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Thomas Waever (left) of Wiley X and Angling Spirit’s Ross Honey have agreed another sponsorship deal.
↑ Winners of the 2014 World Predator Classic, Luc Coppens (left) and Jeremy Staverman.

Wiley X, a world leader in protective eyewear, has renewed its sponsorship of two of the biggest fishing tournaments in Europe.

The company is once again backing the World Predator Classic and the World Carp Classic, the two fast growing competitions run by Angling Spirit.

Thomas Waever, Wiley X’s European Vice President and Outdoor Director, said: “By sponsoring two of the biggest fishing events in Europe, we ensure that we get our message across different types of fishing, allowing all sorts of dedicated anglers to know more about eyewear and how important it is to have the right ones and how they can drastically change your success when fishing.”

Ross Honey, founder and organiser of both events, said: “We are delighted to have extended the relationship with Wiley X as the official eyewear sponsor. Wiley X combines safety and great style and has proved to be very popular throughout the angling community.

“All winners of our events are really happy with the prizes that include Wiley X eyewear and in particular the overall champions as they are invited to join its European Fishing Team.

Krzysztof Charmuszko, captain of the winning team from the World Carp Classic, is one of those latest signings and has never looked back since signing with Wiley X.

“We have used a lot of different eyewear in our fishing career, but we have never used eyewear like this before. Wiley X products can really make that difference in our way of fishing,” he said.

Meanwhile the winners of the 2014 World Predator Classic, Luc Coppens and Jeremy Staverman, are also thrilled to be more involved with Wiley X thanks to its sponsorship of the tournament.

Coppens said: “Wearing the Wiley X model Zak has already improved our fishing results. Fish following the lure, but not striking, are now easily spotted. Now we know we’re in the right spot and can try a different approach.

“With our former standard polarised eyewear we would have left the spot thinking the fish weren’t there. We are very pleased with the quality of this high-end eyewear. When you wear these in dull light conditions it reduces the glare on bright surfaces while enhancing the dark parts.”

The 2015 World Carp Classic takes place at Lac de Madine, in north-eastern France, from September 19th to 26th, while its sister event, the Predator Classic, is being held in Hellevoetsluis, in the Netherlands from June 24th to 27th.

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