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Wehai Julia to open Italian Business Development Centre

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From left: Lili Meng (SeaGuide), Alberto Solza (Italica)) and Yuan Jingmin (SeaGuide).

OEM rod manufacturer Weihai Julia is set to open a new facility in Italy from where it can conduct business with clients.

The company will operate from its Development Experience Centre, near Venice from June 30th this year. Italica EVP of Sales, Alberto Solza explained the idea behind the new venture: “We believe foreign customers will have issues travelling to China at least until the end of this year.

“This will clearly slow the product development process and slow the whole economic recovery following the COVID-19 crisis. In these challenging times our customers need to focus on developments and be ready for our next challenges to provide them with new and exciting products.”

Julia is currently in the process of exporting a range of its own basic rods and poles covering various price options alongside mandrels, raw material samples, guides and finishing options so that it can replicate its Chinese production operation in Italy.

“We will be able to build a sample in Italy for our customers while they are there and replicate it in China where it will be built,” said Solza. “Our R&D managers are already based in Italy and available to meet clients arriving from Milan or Venice Marco Polo airports to be taken to the Development Experience Centre.

“The centre will also have a livestream with Weihai Julia in China from where it can run quality control and product inspections safe in the knowledge that its products cannot be seen by other brands. Weihai Julia takes confidentiality extremely seriously.”

Solza added the centre is based at the headquarters of Italica, a carbon component manufacturer for the automotive, motorsport and cycling industries.

As it is based in China, Weihai Julia lived through the Coronavirus pandemic there and has recovered to now face lockdowns across Europe. Solza said: “This is going to impact our business for the next three months. However, we are unconcerned at the moment as we kept our base of workers safe and our company has worked diligently financing and building a strong business over the last decade.

“We are also lucky to have really good and solid customers – possibly the best in the industry – and this has made Juila a solid partner even in these difficult times.

“We are now working on supply chains and have to publicly thank SeaGuide, one of our key suppliers, and its President Lili Meng. She has been a wonderful business partner, providing the best lead times that we can ask for.”

To book an appointment at the Business Development Centre, contact Alberto Solza at

Tel: +39 (0) 434 870594

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