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Wake introduces versatile Soft Jigwobbler

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Each Soft Jig Wobbler comes with a slightly smaller replacement tail.

Wake Fishing’s new Soft Jigwobbler lure is a versatile hybrid that combines the erratic fish-attracting action of a wobbler with the life-like look, feel and swimming motion of a soft plastic jointed swimbait.

Thanks to its design, it can be fished in a variety of ways and at slow, medium or fast speeds, just about anywhere in the water column. The Soft Jig Wobbler is similar to its hard-bodied cousin – the original Jigwobbler – in that it features a zinc head attached by a single unidirectional hinge to the body portion of the lure.

Like the original, it also has an unusual offset tie and a ‘lip’ at the front of the body section – features that further improve the bait’s overall action. Instead of a hard plastic body, the Soft Jig Wobbler is composed of soft plastic and features a replaceable, triple-jointed tail section.

Each Soft Jig Wobbler also comes with a slightly smaller, double-jointed replacement tail that can easily be interchanged to produce a different swimming action. Extra replacement tails in both sizes can be purchased separately.

The Soft Jig Wobbler’s unique design, realistic appearance and enticing wobble make it an equally effective offering on the retrieve, on the fall, or when ‘jigged’ off the bottom. The versatility of the lure allows you to modify your presentation to target different types of fish or adjust to changing conditions.

In addition to the larger Soft Jigwobbler – ideal for bass, walleye and stripers as well as inshore saltwater predators – Wake Fishing offers a smaller three-inch model for targeting trout, crappie, bluegill and other panfish

They are available in 10 colours and patterns.

The large Soft Jigwobbler comes in two lengths – 5” and 5½”. They both weigh 1oz and are designed to fish between 3’ to 45’.

The smaller Soft Jigwobbler is 3” long, weighs ⅓oz and can be fished between 2’ to 30’.

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