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VIDEO: Tippetac helps fly fishermen take control

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Tippetac’s prime purpose is to control tippets, leaders and lines when a fly is being changed.
↑ The Tippetac has been described as 'exceptionally useful and amazingly simple'.

Tippetac is a new invention by fly fishermen Dave Zieg and Jason Lee, co-founders of Colorado company Angling Tech Industries.

Consisting simply of a slotted rubber wedge and two ultra-strong magnets, Tippetac’s prime purpose is to control tippets, leaders and lines when a fly is being changed.

The magnets are essentially an attachment mechanism, with one placed on the inside of a jacket, waders or fishing pack and the other (with the rubber attached) directly opposite on the outside of the material.

When changing a fly, the angler just slides the leader/tippet into the rubber slit. With Tippetac keeping track of the line and with both hands free, he can then clip the fly and tie on a new one before unclipping the line and making the next cast.

“It’s exceptionally useful and amazingly simple,” said Zieg. “There’s no more looking around for your line while the end floats 30 feet down the river. Tippetac takes away the frustration of losing control of your line when changing flies. It also means more time with your fly in the water.”

The magnet can also be used to hold flies and small fly fishing accessories such as forceps.

“Although its primary purpose is to control your line, Tippetac seems to have limitless uses as fly fishermen discover new ways to incorporate the product’s functions,” added Zieg.

Fly fishing guide Mark McKinney is among those to endorse the Tippetac. “It has become my third hand – I would be lost without it,” said McKinney. “When guiding on highly technical waters I could be changing flies every few minutes for my clients.

“Tippetac makes it quick and easy. The magnet holds all of the tiny midges I’m using and the rubber groove holds the leaders when I’m changing flies. This alone has cut down on how often I get hooked by clients.”

Jarod McClure, Editor of Fly Rod Chronicles, has also been won over by Tippetac. “It is not only a handy device when tying on flies, droppers etc., but a spare Tippetac can be worn to keep all your trashed line so it doesn’t ruin the environment,” he explained.


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