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VIDEO: The Nash carp rods anglers can’t wait to buy

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The new Nash Scope has generated huge interest because of its size and retractable butt section.
↑ The Siren SS alarm is also new for 2013.
↑ Smart: The new Nash Cyber Shot.

Nash is flying in the face of conventional wisdom for 2013 – and, judging by the reaction on specialist web forums, anglers like what they see.

The reason for the excitement is the radical new Scope rod range. If you thought bigger was better, think again. Scope rods feature a retractable butt section, which means the pack-down length is reduced to a minimum with no adverse affect on the action of the rod.

But there‘s more. The shortest rod in the range is just 9ft long, yet in tests it surprised even Kevin Nash himself with its functionality. Nash insists that the rod works like ‘a dream’ in all but the most extreme ranges, making it instantly the most interesting rod launch of 2013. Suddenly, carpers on the move have a lightweight, reliable rod that packs down to just 44 inches.

The Scope range also includes a more conventional 10ft rod, which packs down to 50 inches. Each rod is available in different test curve options and all feature the new SS304 rings.

But these compact rods aren’t the only notable products Nash has revealed for 2013. The new Siren SS alarms – compact versions of the best-selling Sirens – are also going to be huge, the company insists. With a retail price of just £24.99, they feature volume controls, pitch variations, LED lights and Piezo speakers. They also come accompanied with a hard case cover.

Also sure to be a big hit in the image-obsessed carp world is the Nash Cyber Shot. Billed as ‘the world’s ultimate throwing stick’, it looks state-of-the-art and boasts unrivalled distance and accuracy.



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