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Sufix NANOBRAID: No special knots are needed for this long-casting super-sensitive line.

Sufix® describes its new NANOBRAID™ – launched at last month’s ICAST – as a long-casting, super sensitive micro braid that increases hook-up ratios, works well in the wind and doesn’t require a special knot to tie.

“Sufix NANBRAID delivers about eight different advantages, all working together, to make a heck of a good line to fish when you are using a finesse technique,” said James Holst, host of US television’s in-Depth Outdoors. “It is wickedly cool and ­ truly one of a kind.”

The line features an ultra-thin diameter for extreme sensitivity and long casts without sacrificing strength. Made from 100% Dyneema® fibres, it boasts a uniform diameter, increased abrasion resistance and superior knot and shock strength. Wide angle braiding technology also gives NANOBRAID a tight weave, resulting in a super strong, silky smooth line.

“Three times stronger than other lines in the category, NANOBRAID is ridiculously thin compared to similar test regular braid,” added Holst. “The line’s smaller diameter makes for less wind resistance, which helps anglers more easily detect even the subtlest of bites.”

Whenever long casts are imperative, Holst throws nothing but NANOBRAID. “I get an additional 30% in distance on each cast compared to a regular braid of a similar pound test.”

A versatile option, anglers won’t need to learn any new tricks when spooling on the braid according to Holst. “Just about any knot that you are used to using with regular braid can be used with NANOBRAID.”
It is also excellent for other finesse techniques, including shaky-heading, jig-worming and drop-shotting. It comes in Sufix’s Aqua Camo colour on 150-yard spools and is available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10lb test.

Suggested retail price is $US24.99.





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