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VIDEO: Rapala Scatter Rap Crank Shallow and Deep

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The Scatter Rap Crank Shallow from Rapala: Designed for fishing in water of three feet or less.
↑ Rapala Scatter Rap Crank Deep dives between 10ft to 12ft.

Rapala has added shallow and deep-running Scatter Raps to its popular new range of baits.

While the initial Scatter Rap models covered the mid-depth range, the Scatter Rap Crank Shallow is designed for fishing in three feet of water or less, and the Scatter Rap Crank Deep dives between 10ft to 12ft. However, Rapala says that does not tell the whole story as they not only cover the water column vertically, they extend the coverage horizontally as well.

“That allows you to cover so much more water and so much more efficiently,” said Rapala Pro, Brandon Paliniuk, the 2013 Bassmaster Classic runner-up.

“They feature what is best described as evasive action, mimicking perfectly a spooked baitfish fleeing attack, moving from one side to the next,” added 2003 Bassmaster Champion and Rapala Pro, Mike ‘Ike’ Iaconelli.

Built on classic Rapala balsa body shapes, Scatter Rap derives its name and signature sweeping action from an innovative patent-pending Scatter Lip™.

Both the Scatter Rap Crank Shallow and Scatter Rap Crank Deep measure two inches and weigh 5/16th oz. They run silently, float when paused and come with No 5 black nickel round-bend VMC hooks. They are available in 18 colour patterns, including four of ‘Ike’s Custom Ink’ selections – Bruise, Girlfriend, Mule and Rasta.



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