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VIDEO: PENN and Berkley make history

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Swedish kayak fishing specialist, Joel Abrahamsson, puts the PENN International 50 VSX through its paces as he attempts to catch the record-breaking Greenland Shark.
↑ The massive Greenland Shark can be clearly be seen alongside the boat carrying the film crew.
↑ Paddle held aloft, Joel Abrahamsson celebrates his historic catch.

When Swedish angler Joel Abrahamsson decided to embark on a mission to catch the biggest fish ever taken from a kayak, he knew he would have to have tackle that was up to the job.
The kayak fishing specialist chose a water just outside Andörja, in northern Norway, where Greenland Shark well in excess of two tons in weight and over 200-years-old are legend.

He chose a PENN International 50 VSV reel rigged with Berkley Whiplash 0.28mm line and used a homemade, specially-designed  kayak fishing rod for the expedition which demanded equipment he could rely on 100%.

The entire escapade was filmed by Freewaters Pictures for the movie, ‘Andörja World Record Expedition’, and Abrahamsson did not disappoint, catching a monster Greenland Shark of 566kg (1,225lb).

Thought to be more than 200-years-old and measuring 401cm (13ft one-inch) in length, the Swede endured an epic one-and-a-half hour battle before the shark was brought to the side of the boat. It was later release unharmed.

Watch how the Pure Fishing brands fared in a titanic struggle which proved that PENN and Berkley have what it takes to tackle the biggest monsters of the deep…

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