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VIDEO: Greys AirCurve Carp Rod

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The AirCurve Carp rod has taken over three years to develop.

The AirCurve Carp Rod has taken over three years to develop and is the first Greys rod to utilise the company’s new Toreon® nano composite material technology.

Toreon® composite engineering provides a uniform dispersion of nano particles throughout the resin that binds the carbon fibres together. Greys says that this results in a stronger and lighter material that in no way restricts the action that can be achieved.

The company adds: “Working alongside our team of angling consultants our composite engineers have developed what we believe to be the best carp rod on the market.

“Designed first and foremost as a performance fishing rod, the action has been developed to provide the perfect balance between fish playing capability combined with exceptional casting performance. The four models in the range cover any carp fishing situation you’re ever likely to encounter.”

The range comprises:

12’ 3lb

Described as the perfect light carp rod, it has low-end power with ‘superb’ fish playing action. Greys says: “You won’t believe how slim and light it is, but don’t be fooled. It is still capable of casting distances of over 140 yards.

“Whether it’s single leads or PVA bags, don’t be shy about really winding up the rod to get into the butt section to release the power.”

Casting weight range is 1oz to 4oz with an optimum 2.5oz to 3.5oz.

12’ 3.25lb

Greys says that if you want one rod to cover anything, this would be it – perfectly suited to both UK and European fishing demands. “This is a truly versatile multi-range rod with that extra touch of power in reserve for when you need it most. It provides a little additional range with PVA bags or sticks, yet still retains a sensitive tip you can enjoy and safely play fish on.”

Casting distance: over 160 yards.

Casting weight range: 1oz to 4oz – optimum 3oz to 4oz.

12’ 3.50lb

“Big lakes, big casting and big fish is what this distance 12ft model offers,” says Greys. “It is suited to the angler fishing at the limit of their casting ability. If you need a rod to cope with big PVA bags or feeders at long range, then this is the blank of choice.”

Casting distance: over 180 yards.

Casting weight range: 1oz to 5oz – optimum 3oz to 5oz.

13’ 3.50lb

“This truly sets new standards for a user-friendly extreme rod range,” says Greys.

Casting distance: over 200 yards.

Casting weight range: 2oz to 5oz – optimum 3oz to 5oz.

Stand-out features include:

  • New Toreon® Nano Composite material;
  • Carbon Armour blank finish;
  • Lightweight 1k carbon weave throughout;
  • Deluxe Fuji DPS18 reel seat;
  • G-lite Ultralite SIC guides;
  • 50mm distance ringing pattern as standard (three 12’ 40mm rung options with Shrink Wrap handle finish due to European demand);
  • Supplied with unique universal adjustable line clip;
  • Neoprene tip and butt protectors;
  • Available in Abbreviated, Full Japanese Shrink Rubber and Cork Handle options;
  • Laser engraved stainless steel butt cap.


Tel: + 44 1665 602771



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