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VIDEO: FishSpy underwater camera

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The FishSpy is an under water camera that is hidden in a marker float.
↑ Developed by experts at UK-based Total Fishing Gear, the FishSpy is said to have the potential to 'transform' carp fishing.
↑ Footage from the camera is streamed onto a smartphone as you fish.

A new underwater camera has been introduced by a UK firm that allows you to stream live footage onto a smartphone as you fish.

FishSpy says that for the first time ever, carp anglers will be able to see the action below the surface via an underwater camera hidden in a marker float.

Streaming technology gives anglers the opportunity to identify whether they are fishing in the wrong place or if the bait is correctly presented. It also captures and records underwater footage, providing up to seven hours of recording time.

The device, which took three years to develop, has been designed by expert anglers at leading UK tackle brand, Total Fishing Gear and has been hailed as having the potential to transform carp fishing.

It is streamed to your device via an in-built WiFi transmitter, is easy to use and does not require a networked phone signal or internet connection.

The camera gives a ‘bait-eye’ view under the water, helping to show how fish approach and feed on bait. FishSpy adds that the device could even help seasoned fishermen improve their skills at hooking fish. The camera is incorporated into the marker float, allowing it to be recovered even if the fishing line breaks.

FishSpy Managing Director, Rob Williams said: “It is aimed at the serious carp angler looking to improve their experience and expertise.

“The best thing about it is that you can fish the way you always have, but it adds a whole new dimension to the experience. We believe it will genuinely help you catch fish – and many more of them.

“We wanted to make the product as simple as possible. One of the biggest complaints within angling is that people spend ages trying to find fishing features and then present the bait perfectly. Tackle can get caught in weeds and it’s always been impossible to know what’s down there and where to put your bait in the water. FishSpy puts an end to this problem.

“You simply cast your line and the submerged camera embedded in your float does the rest. You can then get on with the real fun of fishing, saving endless hours of frustration. If you are into carp fishing, FishSpy will change your experience forever.”

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