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VIDEO: Bait-Tech Big Carp Sticky Method Pellets

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The new Big Carp Sticky Method Pellets from UK producer, Bait-Tech, rule out the need for binders.
↑ Bait-Tech says that versatile is the best word to sum up The Juice.

UK company, Bait-Tech, has a number of interesting new products on the market this year, including Big Carp Sticky Method Pellets and an additive called The Juice.

Big Carp Sticky Method Pellets rule out the need for additional binders as just a small time in soak will give them their tacky quality.

The easy-to-prepare pellets are simply soaked for two minutes, strained and then set-aside for a further 10 minutes before being ready to use.

The dark brown, heavy pellets sink fast and stay on the bottom to keep fish focused around the feeder.

They contain high quality ingredients and offer an unrivalled food source for fish that complements a wide range of hook-baits, says Bait-Tech. They can also be used for applications other than method fishing.

Versatile is the best word to sum up The Juice, a sweet glug that according to Bait-Tech can be used ‘anywhere, anytime and on anything’. The Juice is available in 250ml bottles.

Says the company’s Andy Neal: ‘I’ve used The Juice exclusively all winter. I’ve soaked pellets in it, pumped Xpands, covered bread, dowsed maggots and glugged every other bait I’ve used and had the best winter’s fishing I can remember. Now it goes everywhere with me!”

The new products are in Bait-Tech stockists now.


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