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UK angling strategy has key areas of interest for trade

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Mike Heylin, Vice Chair od the ATA: “There are a number of areas in the delivery plan that should be of direct interest to trade members.”

The National Angling Strategy (NAS) for the UK, launched last year, has revealed a delivery plan that includes key areas of interest for the tackle trade. 

The strategy’s main aims are to increase participation, connect more people to nature, improve the environment and increase the economic impact of angling on clubs, fisheries and businesses.

The plan, which will be coordinated by an NAS Partnership Board that includes the Angling Trades Association (ATA), explains what is currently being done, what will be done, how success will be measured and potential funding sources and delivery partners. 

Targets set by the five-year plan with most bearing on the industry include:

Ÿ• New market research to extend knowledge about non-anglers, identifying the most interested audiences, the best marketing messages and enabling measures, funded by NAS partners and achieved by a joint approach to marketing.

Ÿ• Involving a wider cross section of society in angling through engagement with more females, BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) communities, lower socio-economic groups and disabled people.

Ÿ• Exploring how fishing licence holders can introduce those without a licence by working with partners to explore ‘free fishing’ alternatives.

• ŸThe provision of more community-run fisheries and greater access to angling by working with local authorities, building a campaign around improving access to fishing and providing more opportunities for the disabled.

Ÿ• Greater involvement of the angling trade in promoting and growing angling by supporting the ATA in creating a marketing development plan for the trade to help retain anglers and attract new ones.

• ŸThe promotion of angling tourism through support activities in three pilot areas to test the promotion of local angling opportunities, angling/accommodation packages and links with outdoor recreation providers.

“There are a number of areas in the delivery plan that should be of direct interest to trade members, both in investing in the development of existing business opportunities and the creation of new ones,” said Mike Heylin, Vice Chairman of the ATA.

“The outcome of the ATA’s Think Tank meeting last year will go a long way to delivering the key objectives for the industry in this plan.”

Other members of the NAS Partnership Board are the Angling Trust, the Canal and River Trust, the Environment Agency and Get Hooked on Fishing.

Following the barely discernible impact of the last National Angling Strategy (2013 – 2018), the plan will be reviewed against its objectives, including what is and is not being delivered, in a public annual report. 

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