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TTB Baits expands Hi-Visual Hookbaits range

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The newly expanded range of Hi-Visual Hookbaits from Netherlands company, TT Baits.
↑ Brightly coloured - the Hi-Visual Hookbaits selection from TT Baits.

Netherlands company, TTB Baits has recently expanded its Hi-Visual Hookbaits selection to match its already extensive Freezerbait and Readymade ranges.

Hi-Visual Hookbaits are made up of two parts. “One is a highly visual pop-up mix that has multiple benefits,” explained TTB owner, Jacco Noordermeer. “There is of course the visual attraction of the bright colour, but the amount of control you have on the hook and hair placement is just as interesting.

“The high visual side is always uppermost in the water because of the balance of the mix of the half pop-up part of the bait. This allows for maximum control over your hook position.

“Also, the weight of the hookbait itself is far less than that of free offerings. This leads to a much easier pick up by the fish than the free offerings.”

The other half of TTB’s new bait consists of the same ingredients as the regular Freezerbaits and Readymades. But combined with these is a mixture of ‘boosters’ to add to the bait’s attraction.

Just like TTB’s Freezerbait and Readymade ranges, there are eight different types of Hi-Visual Hookbaits – Orange Pistache, Fiber Ice, Insomnia, N-Butric Scopex, Extreme Smell, Black ESS, Strawberry Fish and X2B

“As well as their fish-attracting qualities, naturally the hookbaits are tough enough to last sufficient time on the hair,” added Noordermeer.

The new baits are available only in size 20mm and come in 150gm packs.


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