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The innovative Fishclipper solves an age-old problem

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Fishclipper ‘is the solution to an age-old problem’. So says Johnny Johnson in this clip from his fishing show on Fox Sports Arizona. The problem he is talking about is tangled lines around your rods, which Fishclipper solves simply and effectively. “It’s an awesome, awesome product,” enthuses Johnson as he demonstrates how easy it is to use.

The Fishclipper is an innovative fishing safety clip accessory that encloses your rigged tackle hooks and clips them to the fishing rod. It secures a variety of lures and hook sizes, preventing tangled rods, carpet snags, ripped upholstery and personal injuries.

The company’s CEO, Jim Brown, says: “A large number of anglers are taught to store their tackle on the fishing rod guides which exposes loose dangling hooks and can cause damage to the rod.”

The Fishclipper is simple to use. You squeeze the moulded texture grips to open, position it around the fishing rod, insert the lure hooks next to the magnets and release, enclosing the fishing rod.

The internal rubber guides grip and protect the rod while stainless steel springs keep it secure. The eyeholes are for securing hooks to either side. To take off before fishing, you squeeze the grips, remove your tackle and store.

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