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Thank you for helping Angling International reach 100 issues

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Editorial Director Rob Carter with the May issue of Angling International – number 100 for the magazine.

Rob Carter, Editorial Director, writes: This month we are marking a milestone at Angling International. After more than six years in the trade, we have reached our 100th issue. It’s an achievement of course, and yet, when it was first suggested to me that we should celebrate in some way, I wasn’t so sure. Being the centre of attention has never been Angling International’s style.

There is good reason for this. For those of you who do not know the recent history of the European angling trade, it’s not stretching the truth to say that Angling International was brought into being at a time of turmoil. A rival show to EFTTEX threatened to split the trade, and it is fair to say that the hostility of certain parts of the angling media towards Europe’s representative trade body, EFTTA, was a real threat to unity.

We offered an alternative – a publication with no agenda of its own beyond supporting the good work of EFTTA and promoting the virtues of Europe’s leading trade show, EFTTEX. For me, it is fitting and very pleasing that we are this month marking our 100th issue on the eve of what promises to the most successful EFTTEX show for many years, in its spiritual home of Amsterdam. Angling International would not be here if not for its strong partnership with EFTTA, and, likewise, we like to believe that EFTTEX would not be the same without Angling International.

So being a benign presence in the trade is in our DNA. It’s why over the past 99 issues we have fought shy of pushing our opinions onto the trade at large. Instead our focus has been on celebrating, promoting and driving forward the businesses that have followed EFTTA’s lead and come to use Angling International as a vital marketing platform.

It is not our opinions that matter. But rather your new products, your business news, your achievements and successes, big and small. And, where you have earned the right as a contributor to the trade through your endeavours, we believe it’s important to present your opinions on how the industry should develop in the future.

By holding true to these principles, we believe we are best serving the interests of the whole angling trade.

Over our first 100 issues, we think we have achieved just that. We have been accurate, honest and above all, fair. Your feedback certainly suggests that’s the case. In fact our US Marketing Director Stuart Pavlik once told me that it has been one of his great pleasures since joining our team to walk up to a booth at a trade show and not have to begin with an apology for what the editorial team has or has not done. To my mind, it’s the least any magazine professional can expect, but he assures me it’s been a refreshing change for him. We count that as one of our greatest successes.

We’ll take warm welcomes wherever we can find them, of course, and look forward to many more to come. In fact, if I can be excused a more personal comment, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the angling trade that has made myself and my team so welcome since we first arrived as complete unknowns six years ago. I’d like to thank you on behalf of our Editor Anthony Hawkswell, Consultant Editor Mel Bagnall, my co-owner Keely Docherty-Lee and, in the USA, Stuart Pavlik, all of whom have worked tirelessly to make the magazine a success.

We were from outside the angling trade – absolute strangers to just about everybody in the industry – and yet we have been warmly received in all corners. As one of the owners of Angling International it has been the very best part of the job to meet with so many big-hearted, passionate and generous individuals. Many of you have become valued customers, still more have become very good personal friends.

It has been a joy to get to know you all and to make a publication you value. I’d like to thank everyone for their business but in particular I am especially grateful to EFTTA CEO Jean-Claude Bel and General Manager Janet Doyle for their full-hearted support during the past six years.

Best wishes to everyone coming to EFTTEX in June – and to the wider trade. Please enjoy our 100th issue, which you will find online here.

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