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Svendsen Sport announces merger with DAM

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Svendsen CEO, Hans Maasbol, said the change was very positive for the company and was linked to a restructuring of the senior management team.

Svendsen Sport has announced this morning that it is merging with its German brand, DAM. The merger will bring the two brands together into one organisation with one dedicated sales force carrying the full brand portfolio. 

“We strongly believe that in this way, we will be able to give an even better service with a full assortment, and also provide better support; for example, to in-store activities that will fuel our retailers’ growth,” says the statement from Svendsen.

Angling International understands that the move will mean the company will now have one country manager in each territory handling both brands, instead of one for each brand.

Svendsen CEO Hans Maasbøl said the change was very positive for the company and was linked to a restructuring of the senior management team to half its previous size at the end of last year to shorten the reporting process and speed up decision-making.

This latest move is in line with Svendsen’s Preferred Partner retail strategy, which is the focus of an exclusive Angling International interview with Maasbøl in our August issue.

Svendsen’s full statement reads:

Svendsen Sport becoming stronger than ever before!

When the world trembles – business is changing

We have seen the world tremble and markets closing from one day to the other. Fortunately, we have also seen them open with renewed strength and optimism. One thing is for sure: The world has significantly been changing the way we are interacting. Not only how we behave as humans, but for sure the way we do business together and how each organisation must consolidate to become more robust.

Becoming more robust

The Covid-19 situation forced us to find ways to make Svendsen Sport more agile, more efficient with less complexity in our operation. We simply need to adapt to the changing requirements and we need to optimise our processes through several initiatives that will benefit our comprehensive retailer network with an easier day-to-day cooperation that will free resources for our retailers to grow their business. 

The improvements will improve the way we process orders, becoming more digital and providing a solid and intuitive B2B Partner Platform where our retailers can obtain services otherwise unavailable to them today. Through all this, we will increase our attention on the retailers, the markets and driving sustained growth.  

The first step in our improvements is to merge the best of two worlds, Svendsen Sport and DAM, and be one organisation. Our very dedicated salesforce will carry the full brand portfolio. We strongly believe that we, in this way, will be able to give an even better service, with a full assortment, and also provide better support, for example, to instore activities that will fuel our retailers’ growth.

All this is fully in line with our goal of being the Preferred Partner.

Focus is key – more than ever before

We believe that fewer, more effectively elected, and managed projects, through a strong product portfolio are the key to strategic and long-term success. Focus on fewer key initiatives will perform significantly better not only financially, but also in achieving our strategic objectives and motivating our staff.

The recent initiative is perfectly in line with our Strategy ‘Becoming the Preferred Partner’ from 2018 where we work hard to increase our investments/focus on the largest brands (and brands with largest potential) and the largest markets (and markets with the largest potential).

Becoming a focused organisation involves a quite radical change in the way we are organised and the way we select projects and manage brand. In fact, the creation of a new culture that will have effect on the full value chain, from customers, product development, purchasing, marketing and sales.

We have already taken the first steps towards a ‘new’ organisation, and all employees at Svendsen Sport have joined forces to adapt to the new market situation and execute our plans. No doubt, Svendsen Sport is stronger than ever, and manifesting how to drive a modern, robust organisation even if the world is trembling.   

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