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StrikeMaster rises above ice auger competition

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StrikeMaster says that its new Lazer™ Synthetic Ultra-Lite auger is the fastest, most powerful and lightest in its class.

StrikeMaster says that three pillars underpin the building of a premium auger – speed, power and weight.

The Minnetonka, Minnesota, company adds that its new Lazer™ Synthetic Ultra-Lite is the fastest, most powerful and lightest in its class.

It says “ By and large, hand augers have been getting worse by the year as more junk is shipped in from overseas. Super inexpensive, yes, but you get what you pay for – and that means a chunky hunk of scrap metal that’s like grinding coffee with a rusty jackknife.

“StrikeMaster, on the other hand, continues to elevate its selection of hand augers because there are throngs of studious and stealthy ice anglers who travel light and punch holes with precision.”

The lynchpin of the Lazer Synthetic Ultra-Lite is the synthetic flight and blade carriage. Where the average auger churns with metal, this ‘first-of-its-kind’ auger swirls with a special lightweight, but extremely durable, synthetic composite.

Cushioned, ergonomically engineered handles welcome a sturdy and adjustable metal shaft (48 to 57 inches) that unites with the precision flight and carriage blade.

It has chrome-alloy stainless steel Mora™ Lazer™ blades that put the final touch to the ‘finest’ hand-made cutlery.

The Lazer Synthetic Ultra-Lite comes in both 4 and 6.5 inch cutting diameters with the former pushing the scale to a mere 4.5lbs. Go wider to 6 inches of hole coverage and the needle only moves to 5lb. Both models break down into two pieces for storage and transport purposes.

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