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Stinky Stuff adds Black Jack to attractants range

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U.K.-based Stinky Stuff Fishing has introduced a new Black Jack flavour to its range of bait attractants.
↑ Stinky Stuff attractants are sprayed onto the bait and the aroma can last for over 48 hours in the water, says the company.

U.K.-based Stinky Stuff has added a new Black Jack flavour to its range of bait attractants.

The brainchild of avid angler and one of the company founders, David Bailey, the product provides what is said to be a unique way of applying a sticky attractant to bait. It comes in a spray-on aerosol which, when applied, attracts fish with smells that resemble various foodstuffs, creating the ‘stinky effect’.

The three founders of Stinky Stuff – Bailey, Ian Stones and Mark Potter – developed the range with the help of a chemist. On the back of the Original flavour, many more scents have been introduced, including Peeler Crab, Crayfish, Krill, Bubblegum Cream, Vanilla Peanut Cream and now the Black Jack, which was introduced at the recent Northern Angling Show, in Manchester, U.K.

Like all the company’s products, Stinky Stuff Black Jack is 100% aquatically safe. It’s safe for fish,  the environment and the waters you are fishing on.

The company has also produced a range for sea anglers, which includes Sea Original and Peeler Crab.

Bailey said: “The idea behind the aerosol came about because nearly all the other liquid attractants on the market came in pump action containers which, when applied, easily wash off and quickly disperse through the water.

“This is no good for specimen carp anglers who sometimes leave their bait in the water for up to 48 hours. They want that attractant to be released from their bait over this period of time.

“When we started to think how spray-on deodorants massively out-sell roll-ons, we started to realise why. When you use an aerosol the particles are released at such a velocity that the payload – liquid in the can – impregnates what it is sprayed onto. When we put our strong and most potent attractants in the can, we achieved results where anglers could still smell them on their bait well over 48 hours after they had been first immersed in water.”

Stinky Stuff is currently distributed throughout the U.K. and across Europe by Bolton, Lancashire-based Fishing Baits.




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