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St Croix introduces Avid Carp rod series

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St Croix used the combined talents of its engineers and top carper, Lee Young, in the development of its latest Avid series.
↑ Captain of the Team USA's Carp World Championship squad, Lee Young.

Top US rod builder, St Croix, says that it combined the talents of its engineers and the know-how of a top carp angler to develop its latest Avid series.

The St Croix Avid Carp range comprises of three rods which are said to offer anglers the ‘ultimate’ in fishing performance.

“We endeavoured to build rods that were not only capable of catapulting baits over 100 yards, but also tools that possess the power to tire big, fast fish and keep them securely pinned to tiny #10 to #14 hooks. Together these tasks can be monumentally difficult.” says Lee Young, captain of Team USA’s Carp Championship squad.

Crafted with proprietary SCIII high-modulus graphite blanks, these carp rods employ Integrated Poly Curve (IPC®) tooling technology to bolster strength and sensitivity. Each moderate-fast action rod also sports a unique progressive taper physique that regulates load for ‘rocket-launching’ casts and effortless fights with big fish. Moreover, fast tips amplify detection while cushioning and protecting tiny hooks.

Young calls the 9ft 6ins medium power ACS96MMF a ‘brilliantly versatile carp tool’. “For casting to carp within 80 yards of shore, for stalking or sight-fishing or for presenting bobber rigs or boilies and hair rigs weighing up to 3oz, this rod is in a class of its own.

“I have landed carp up to 37lb with this rod. It beats fish fast – before they have a chance to break loose and that’s an absolutely critical advantage.”

For serious or competitive carp anglers, the 12ft medium-heavy power ACS120MHMF2 easily propels up to 4oz well in excess of 100 yards. “This rod shines for launching and presenting dainty baits on small hooks, hair-rigged sweetcorn on a #12 or even a couple of maggots on a #14. It also easily handles larger boilies and paste baits. It is the ultimate tournament rod because it allows me to beat 10lb to 20lb fish very quickly and I don’t worry about the small hooks pulling loose.”

Young also helped to design a beefier 12ft heavy power model that launches baits afar. He adds: “Gripping this rod, Team USA members have cast baits beyond 180 yards into a 20mph headwind. And it’s just as comfortable handling other heavyweight fish too, including muskies and big catfish.

“The new Avid Carp ACS120HMF2 is also ideal for fishing what’s called ‘the method’, moulding attractor baits around heavy sinkers – an incredibly productive and wildly popular tactic for big fish in big water.

“Each of these rods offer the perfect length and actions to drive small hooks home at long range. They pick up the line exceptionally fast too. Further, the extended butt sections adds leverage, casting distance and maximum accuracy. The remarkable multiple-taper blanks also work in your favour against fish at all times.”

Like all other rods in the St Croix Avid series, the Avid Carp spinning rods are fitted with Fuji Alconite guides, slim-profile ferrules, select-grade cork handles and two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish for rugged durability and striking cosmetics.

Avid carp rods clutch reels using Fuji DPS reel seats with gunsmoke hoods.


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