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St Croix ice rod features built-in indicator

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St Croix has welded a strike indicator directly into the blank of its new breed of ice rod, the Avid Ice Glass series.
↑ The specialised strike indicator has an orange tip to make it easier to see strikes.
↑ Critical placement of the line stripper guides sends the line soaring down the hole in the ice.

US rod manufacturer, St Croix, has integrated a strike indicator directly onto the blank of its new breed of ice wand, the Avid Glass Ice series.

Described as the first ‘ultra-premium’ ice rods built for panfish, they are said to fish like no other fibreglass ice fishing rod.

Made in the USA, the Avid Glass Ice series of rods are fitted with Xtreme-Flex solid fibreglass blanks that bend seamlessly throughout their length, protecting the lightest lines from excess strain and stress. Premium Kigan stripper guides and lightweight, low profile running guides direct the flow straight from the fish to the fingertips.

“Avid Glass Ice rods are easy to use and very effective,” said Jeff Schluter, St Croix Rods VP of Brand Management. “Rather than relying on a built-in or after-market spring bobber, these rods have one built-in to our Xtreme-Flex solid glass blank. Knowing many ice anglers prefer this style of rod, St Croix decided to build a better version of it.

“Our carbon handles offer improved sensitivity over cork or EVA and the bright orange tip makes it easier to see strikes.”

Creator of the ice industry’s only patented spring bobber rod and holder of numerous exclusive fishing rod technologies, St Croix offers three Avid Glass Ice models –26 inch, 30 inch and 34 inch versions – each retailing at $50.


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