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St Croix adds ICE to Mojo line-up

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St Croix rod designer, Jason Brunner, says that the Mojo ICE has more to it than just a cool look.
↑ The split-grip configuration of the Mojo ICE is 'exceptionally' comfortable in your hand, says Brunner.
↑ There are 10 spinning and casting models in the St Croix Mojo ICE range.

Iconic US rod manufacturer, St Croix, has added an ice fishing rod to its popular Mojo range.

The Park Falls, Wisconsin, company says that a first glance at the rod reveals its unique design in the shape of its specialised reel seat and handle section. St Croix rod designer, Jason Brunner, said: “To be honest, the split grip cork/EVA handle is pretty cool looking, but there is much more to it than that.

“The Mojo ICE handle offers a couple of significant advantages. The reduced mass makes the overall rod weight lighter and the split-grip also provides direct hand contact with the blank, significantly increasing sensitivity, especially for those who use the popular pistol-grip hold. Your hand makes actual contact with the blank.”

To this, Brunner notes that the ‘contoured and sexy’ split-grip configuration is exceptionally comfortable in your hand.

Mojo ICE’s twist-grip locking mechanism allows the angler to get an exceptionally tight ‘positive’ lock-down on the reel foot. Likewise, the reel stays clenched tightly and will not work its way loose as often happens with more conventional grips.

Handcrafting, technology and performance don’t end at the handle, either. All Mojo ICE models feature precision-tapered solid carbon blanks, boasting equal amounts of strength and sensitivity. The best-of-class blanks are fashioned through a fusion of St. Croix’s proprietary design software and classic American handcrafting.

The guides are a story unto themselves. Freeze-up is a common struggle with rank-and-file ice fishing guides. Not Mojo ICE, says St Croix. These focused ice fishing tools are decked with stainless-steel guides to minimize freezing – and angler frustration.

The Mojo ICE family is both broad and diverse, including 10 models – spinning and casting – built for the unique properties necessary for targeting panfish, trout, walleyes and northern pike.

Mojo ICE Features:

  • Precision-taper solid carbon blank;
  • Premium split-grip cork/EVA handle;
  • Custom reel seat, ideal for all techniques;
  • Lightweight, stainless-steel guides;
  • Handcrafted in North America.

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