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Size doesn’t always matter says RODgeeks

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US-based RODgeeks has introduced a 42-inch long fishing rod, RG-42, which has been targeted at the occasional angler.

Bigger is not necessarily better, according to the maker of a 42-inch fishing rod.

RODgeeks, based in Latham, New York, insist its new RG-42 is no gimmick – and the company has the credentials to back its claim.

Axiom North America, the parent company of RODgeeks, has a long-standing partnership with one of the world’s most revered rod makers, St. Croix.

RODgeeks has been making blanks for St. Croix in its central Mexico factory since 2008. It also makes blanks for custom rod makers and about a year ago started selling finished rods direct to customers. The RG-42 is the company’s latest product.

“The world doesn’t need another seven or eight foot rod for the shelves of Bass Pro shops,” RODgeeks President, Bob Penicka, told just before Christmas.

“We are using our knowledge of production techniques and marketing to find where the needs are and where we can help someone with a better product. We are building a business around that.

“That’s how we came around to making a 42-inch rod. It is easy to live with and fishes great. It has a solid backbone to fight good-sized fish and the tip is designed to cast bait a long way, as well as giving good sensitivity and a solid hookset.

“This is a serious fishing implement, even though it looks pretty unconventional. And it’s a rod that almost nobody has in their garage already.”

Penicka is aware the RG-42 may not be on the shopping lists of serious and pro fishermen and is targeting the much bigger leisure fishing market made up of anglers who may only go fishing a few times a year.

“Nobody has created a solid product for them and we think we have done that,” added Penicka, an engineer by trade who was previously COO at Calloway Golf. 

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