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Shimano opens new European HQ and announces new creation

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Shimano’s new European headquarters on the High Tech Campus (HTC) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
↑ The breaking of a sake barrel marked the official opening of the Shimano Europe HQ with Shimano Inc. President Yozo Shimano (left) and Shimano EU President Marc Van Rooij (right).
↑ An artist's impression of the laboratory, which will be part of Shimano Square in Osaka City.

On the day that it opened a new European head office, Shimano announced the creation of Shimano Square, in Osaka City, Japan, a destination designed to introduce visitors to the delights of fishing and cycling.

The HTC Campus, in Eindhoven, Holland, is now home to the Japanese giant’s 180 employees in the sales, marketing, quality control, finance, legal, IT and HR departments for its fishing, cycling and rowing brands. Shimano has retained its original home in Nunspeet – 143 km away –  to take care of warehousing, supply chain activities and its Benelux operation.

The European headquarters was opened by Shimano President, Yozo Shimano. He said: “We were welcomed to the European fishing and cycling market 45 years ago. Since that time we have been striving to increase the social value of the pastimes and create new cultures in Europe by offering captivating products.

“This new start in the centre of intelligence at the High Tech Campus will give Shimano a greater opportunity to thrive and contribute to the prosperity of the European fishing, cycling and rowing world.”

Shimano Europe President, Marc Van Rooij, added: “Since being in the North Brabant region, one can’t fail to see the strong entrepreneurial spirit, real enthusiasm between companies and their people and the collaborative winners’ mentality that Eindhoven and the High Tech Campus offers Shimano.

“We intend to make use of these ingredients to make our company more successful in the near and long term, expanding the potential of what’s possible. I am convinced that the surroundings at the High Tech Campus will offer us the opportunities to realise these challenges.”

In Japan, the company was explaining the reasons behind the opening of Shimano Square, which will take place on February 8th. With the emphasis on communicating the attraction of its products and creating a new urban sport lifestyle through fishing and cycling, it boasts a café, laboratory and store.

The lab will show products both old and new to help visitors learn about how fishing and cycling-related technologies have changed over the years, while the café will boast a library of books on fishing and cycling.

On the day before the opening, which will be performed by Yozo Shimano, the company will launch a dedicated website at

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