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Sébile releases first details of new Swimbait Rig

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Patrick Sébile says he has ‘raised the bar’ for artificial and natural bait rigging. The winner of the EFTTEX Best New Accessory Award in 2010 will be defending his title at Amsterdam this year with an addition to his successful Soft Weight System family – and he announced details of the newest launch shortly before the show.

Sébile has developed the Swimbait Rig, a new weighted rig that is perfect for swimbaits and can be used with a variety of soft plastic artificial baits (grubs, worms, slugs, minnows, shads, plastic eels, curly tails, double tails and more) as well as natural dead baits in fresh or saltwater.

The Swimbait Rig uses removable weights made of a tungsten rubber compound that can be twisted on or off over the barb onto the hook shank. It means you can add soft weights to almost double the total weight of the Swimbait Rig.

Each weight you add will stay where you place them. Thanks to this, says Sébile, the angler can easily and quickly change the effective weight, the castability, the rate of fall and the running depth of any bait. And by positioning the weights at different spots on the hook, you can fine-tune the preferred diving angle, the falling motion and the swimming action – on a cast-by-cast basis if need be.

Of all the rigs known to anglers, only the Soft Weight System gives you such flexibility, claims Sébile, adding: “And now we have raised the bar with the Swimbait Rig for artificial and natural bait rigging.

“What will make a huge difference in the number of fish hooked is that the Swimbait Rig hook point is opened up by 15 degrees. With the typical hook point that’s hidden in a soft plastic bait, it is well known that you miss a number of fish. Now, with the hook point angled up and already poking outside of the bait, it is ever-ready and easy to hook even light strikers.”

The 15-degree open wide gap hook point is not meant to be hidden in the bait. The Swimbait Rig has a treble, so it is not made to be weedless. It is designed to fish open water and to probe the outside edges of grass, near trees, brush or rocks, explains Sébile.

A strong hook hanger wire is welded to the wide gap hook shank and a fixed weight is molded permanently on the front part of the hook shank. A strong split ring and treble hook are attached to the welded wire ring.

“If you fish in a place where the bottom is a bit snaggy, then you can clip the downward-facing tine (point) off the treble hook, which will help make your Swimbait Rig more snagless,” he adds. “The remaining two upward tines will nestle closely against the bait’s belly acting like a weedless double hook. In very snaggy areas, you can easily remove the split ring and treble hook temporarily from the wire eye, and reattach it when you’re fishing open water again.”

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