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Scientific Anglers’ 2016 launches available now

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Scientific Anglers has introduced three new fly lines for 2016, which are available now.
↑ The Mastery MPX and 'retro cool' Heritage Ultra fly lines from US manufacturer Scientific Anglers.
↑ Designed for fishing streamers in cold waters, the Sonar Sink 25 Cold from Scientific Anglers.

Scientific Anglers says that its new-for-2016 fly lines – from the retro Heritage Ultra to the MPX Taper and its Sonar sinking series – are now available.

Built on the designs made popular decades ago, the Heritage Ultra Presentation fly line is ideally suited for fibreglass, bamboo and slow-action graphite rods. It is said to be at home on small streams and spring creeks.

It is built from a classic Scientific Anglers taper with a vintage colour to mark the company’s 70th anniversary and features a braided multifilament core.

The Sonar Sink 25 has been designed for fishing streamers in cold water. Made with a short 25’ fast-sinking head, the Sink 25 fly line gets flies deep quickly and is paired with a large diameter handling section for excellent line control.

Other stand-out features include:

  • Low tangle design increases shooting distance;
  • Floating running line;
  • ‘Super’ fast sink: 4.0 – 8.0 ips sinks 4’ – 15’.
  • Replaces Mastery Wet Tip Express;
  • Braided multifilament core;
  • SA ID – SA Sonar Sink 25### (### = grain weight).

Scientific Anglers says that for years the GPX taper was the gold standard in its line-up. “From tossing small dries to slinging huge streamers, the GPX could do it all. But all good things must come to an end. Built a half-size heavier, the MPX taper starts where the GPX left off,” adds the company.

Redesigned with more mass towards the front of the head, it provides the same benefits as the GPX, but with an added emphasis on presentation.

Features include:

  • Built half a size heavy to load rods and turn over large flies easily;
  • “Excellent’ with dry flies, nymphs and streamers;
  • Features the ST+ slickness additive;
  • For use in moderate and cold climates;
  • Braided multifilament core;
  • SA ID – SA MS MPX WF X F (X = line weight).


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