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Savage Gear announces its lures line-up for 2012

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The Soft 4Play saltwater lures from Savage Gear.
↑ The Psycho Sprat – a long casting metal jig.
↑ The Top Prey 'Walk the Dog' saltwater lures.

Savage Gear’s extensive 2012 lure launch encompasses improvements on existing products, new sizes, colours and an array of new lures for both fresh and saltwater anglers.

Among the new lures are the Flying Eel Spinner, the Sandeel Slug, the Top Water Prey, the Seeker, the Slide Down Prey and the Saltwater Tuned Preys. The Sandeel Slug is featured on page 44 of the Angling International Lures Special Issue online to read here.

After the success of the 4Play hard lures, Savage Gear has introduced a soft version – the loose body Soft 4Play, which includes the Savage Gear Soft 4Play 25cm that won the Best New Soft Lure Award at EFTTEX. It gives the specialist angler the option of rigging up in several ways. It can be used on a jighead for swimbait action – or on an offset hook for weedless presentation – tuned with the Tungsten Tube Weights or the 4Play lipsculls to get the most natural crankbait.

It has a life-like action and a natural sink-rate of a hurt herring minnow.

Savage Gear’s Mads Grosell says: “This is a lure with incredible detail and design – deadly on any predator. Retrieve it, twitch it, troll it – you can’t do it wrong.”

The 25cm version incorporates Kevlar net mesh for extra strength. The lure is available in three other lengths – 9.5cm, 13cm and 19cm – and all are handpainted in colours that include Dirty Silver, Rainbow Smolt, Mackerel, Smolt, Pearl Silver and Real Herring.

In an effort to develop a lure fishing programme for saltwater, Savage Gear has designed the Psycho Sprat, long casting metal jig that cuts fast through the water and shoots out – away from the centerline on the drop when jigging.

Grosell says: “On fast retrieve these lures have an enticing kicking action and they will rotate quite slowly to the sides on spin stop – flashing and attracting predators from a distance.

“The incredible details on the sprat imitation lures are unparalleled.”

They are made with top quality Japanese components and treble hooks.

The Top Prey 80 and Top Prey 100 ‘Walk-the-Dog’ saltwater lures have been designed especially for seabass. They are said to cast well and have a ‘most amazing’ noisy action.

Grosell says: “Retrieve the lures while making small taps with the rod tip and the lures come to life with the most amazing action, attracting predators from a distance and inducing aggressive strikes.”

The 8cm and 10cm versions are available in the following colours – Dirty Silver, Psycho Sardine, French Bone and Psycho Sandeel.

The Prey 34 and Prey 40 micro lures have been designed to imitate bleak minnows. They are suspending/slow sinking, have an erratic vibrating action and are made of top quality Japanese components and hooks.

They come in Perch, Fluoro Orange & Gold, Smolt and Bleak colours.

Savage Gear has also added a new size to its Larvae 55 – a supernatural ‘larvae nymph’ imitation. The double-jointed body gives off an erratic, lifelike action and the 3D imitation and details make it stand out from the crowd. The trade caught its first glimpse when it was entered into the Best New Hard Lure category at the EFTTEX Awards.

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