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Rx VibraGrub ‘truly different’ says Evolve Baits

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The Rx VibraGrub from US company, Evolve Baits, in Leech Blood.
↑ The Juvy Bass – one of the distinctive colours in the Rx VibraGrub range from Evolve Baits.

Truly different lures don’t come along that often. But Evolve Baits, a US company founded less than three years ago, believes its Rx VibraGrub earns its place in that exclusive category. The lure, says President and Designer Derek Carr, is the only undulating flutter bait in the world.

“This is one of the most innovative soft plastic designs to be released in years, a truly special lure,” says Carr. “Anglers who have not had a chance to try it need to see what the hype is all about.

“They will require little convincing, the difference is evident. It looks impossibly alive underwater and has quickly become a go-to lure for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pike, walleye and zander.”

The patented lure, along with others in Evolve’s imaginative range, is the result of a fruitful collaboration between hardcore angler and engineer. Its seductive movement comes from appendages that run the length of the main body and which flutter and undulate as water flows across the front of the bait.

The versatile VibraGrub, available in three and four-inch models, can be fished using a number of tournament proven methods: on a skirtless jig head, a weighted swimbait hook, as a jig trailer, on a dropshot rig, and more. Colours include Assassin, Leech Blood, White Shadow, Bait Fish and Hot Flash

Encouraged by the response to the bait, Evolve has also introduced the VibraGrub Micro, a line extension for the trout, crappie and panfish markets. The 1.9-inch smaller ‘cousin’ is likened to part leech, part bait fish. The similar but smaller body appendages produce a flickering motion barely discernible to the human eye, but which predators can both see and feel.

Carr explains that both baits are injected with pure virgin oil rather than hardening agents or salt, both of which he believes deaden the action.

Evolve Baits reports considerable retail traction and unsolicited international enquiries from dealers and anglers in France, Russia and the UK. Two overseas distributors who tried the product placed stocking orders shortly afterwards.


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