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RigSolutions introduces 8+One and Snag Attack

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New from Piet Vogel’s RigSolutions are 8+One and Snag Attack for difficult carp fishing conditions.
↑ Dutch carp specialist, Piet Vogel, of RigSolutions, has introduced 8+One and Snag Attack. to meet the demands of fishing big lakes.

Carp are known to feed close to the margins, but sometimes when fishing lakes it can be just the opposite – finding them at distances of 400 metres or more is not unusual, says Top Dutch carp ace, Piet Vogel, of Rigsolutions.

“Fishing that way is in my view top sport, but it demands the use of most of the line in areas that have varied bottom structures. On its way to such hot spots the line will encounter all sorts of snags, including obstacles like tree stumps and thick weeds, so it must be up to the job, adds Vogel.

“The line requires specific characteristics especially as it enters the last metre or so and it must have enough stretch to make sure that the hook does not tear the mouth of the carp.

“All these demands have to be met if you are to be successful fishing big lakes.

“In the past our lines were not suitable for those demands and it unfortunately cost me some big fish. I am glad to say that is now behind us thanks to two new products which have been added to the Rigsolutions range for 2014.”

8+One is described as a super-strong 9-yarn braided mainline that has a gravity index of 1.5. It sinks, but will also float slightly between the bottom and the surface so that it will not get too close to the snags on the waterbed.

It is extremely abrasion resistant which allows it to cut easily through weeds.

Snag Attack is the second generation of unleaded Freefall leader material. It is 100% fluorocarbon and braided so that it can be spliced. This allows you to choose your own length. It is also 10 times more abrasion resistant than the classic Freefall leader material. Because of its elasticity you can connect the leader directly to the braided mainline and do not have to worry that there will be too much pressure on the hook.




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