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RIGRAP makes the cut with CERAMAXx

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RIGRAP will be introducing a number of new products at ICAST, including the new Randy Howell Signature Series CERAMAXx Super Cutters.
↑ Last year's Bassmaster Classic winner Randy Howell has been behind the introduction of the RIGRAP CERAMAXx Cutters and the RIGPAC.

Braided fishing line has remained a real challenge to cut, but RIGRAP says it has never been easier thanks to the introduction of its new Randy Howell Signature Series CERAMAXx Super Cutters.

RIGRAP’s new CERAMAXx Cutters is one of a number of new products the company is set to unveil at this year’s ICAST. It will introduce its new RIGPAC which will continue the new Randy Howell Signature Series branding, and its new Yellow 8512 and Orange 8524 bulk PROPACKs.

“It’s been a pleasure working with RIGRAP developing both the CERAMAXx Cutters and the new RIGRAP RIGPAC. We’ve all been working very hard making the new CERAMAXx cutters the very best and I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of everyone’s efforts,” says Howell.

“The new cutters are amazing. They are durable, lightweight, and they won’t rust. The hand-crafted serrated ceramic blades cut through braided line like a hot knife through butter and unlike other cutting tools, they hold their edge against braid for hundreds of cuts.

“There’s not an angler out there that if they use braided line won’t be impressed by this amazing new tool.”

“We’re very excited about this year’s new items, especially our new cutters. We’re confident we have succeeded in our objective to provide the highest quality and best functioning tool possible, while also delivering a highly profitable item all levels of distribution will enjoy,” said RIGRAP’s Glen Oberacker.

The new RIGRAP Randy Howell Signature Series CERAMAXx Super Cutters have proven to cut braided line up to 250#s and monofilament and fluorocarbon up to 150#s with ease. Neatly packaged as a multi-lingual bonus pack that includes a free RIGRAP, the MSRP has been set at $19.99 (US) and is available in a counter top display case of 12 units or in a pre-packed sidekick PDQ of 36 units.


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