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VIDEO: Richworth Baits S-Core

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Richworth has added to its comrpehensive range of baits with S-Core.

Richworth Baits is no stranger to setting new standards in product development. The UK business is generally credited as being the first to introduce ready-made boilies in 1983 and it has since launched an impressive list of baits including Tutti Frutti, KG1 and XLR8.

Now Richworth hopes to add to that list with a comprehensive range of baits called S-Core, which it introduced earlier this year for the European carp market.

S-Core is based on a blend of amino acids designed not just to induce a feeding response, but to retain fish in the swim for longer than other baits.

“S-Core delivers what anglers have been looking for for years,” said Richworth Media Manager and product tester, Pete Wilson. “A lot of manufacturers have used amino acids, but up until now those baits have offered a short window of opportunity. The beauty of S-Core is that it holds fish in the feeding area. The fact that the stimulant is denser than water means that it sinks into the lake bed and so keeps fish interested over a long period of time.

“The unique blend of amino acids goes on working in the swim for up to 30 hours. After all the bait has been consumed fish will still visit the swim. It gives you the confidence that you will get more than one take from the same spot.”

The science behind the bait has its origins in 10 years of amino acid studies at Sparsholt College, with the bait being fine-tuned over 18 months of field trials by Richworth’s demanding field testers.

At the core of the range is a Liquid Serum (250ml), a pure amino acid mix described by Richworth as being the base for all of the S-Core products. Also available are pellets in two sizes (4mm and 8mm) and boilies in two sizes (14mm and 18mm). The boilies come in both freezer bait and shelf-life versions. In addition, there are pop-ups, a stick mix and a bait soak.

“There is nothing else on the market like these S-Core baits,” added Wilson.




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