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Rhino Pro Stow Box back by popular demand

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Frerk Petersen, of Zebco Europe, is pictured with the Rhino Pro Stow Box.
↑ The Rhino Pro Stow Box has 46 separate compartments for lure storage.
↑ The honeycomb design ensures that lures up to 20cm in length can be stored without becoming tangled together.

The Rhino Pro Stow Box, a favourite item in the brand’s range a few years ago, is back on the market due to popular demand.

The honeycomb design provides storage for lures up to 20cm in length and prevents them from becoming tangled together, a particular benefit when carrying wobblers armed with several trebles.

The box, which has external dimensions of 21cm x 24cm x 42cm, has 46 separate compartments, plus smaller ‘pockets’ around the perimeter. Each compartment features a number of hook slits so that up to three lures can be stored in each one, creating a total capacity of more than 100 lures.

The transparent lid makes it easy to identify the lures and fits snugly over the honeycomb to prevent lures coming into contact with each other, even if the box is tipped over. The box dries out when the lid is left open and the honeycomb insert can be removed if necessary.

“Our trolling test angler, Mike Luner, developed this ingenious product and I’m delighted the idea has been revived,” said Frerk Petersen, Director of Marketing and Product Development for Zebco Europe, owner of the Rhino brand. “It is unbeatable from a practical point of view.

“Trolling anglers will reap the benefits of the Pro Stow Box and wobbler and pirking fans are also sure to love it.”


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