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Rhino introduces new spoons for trolling season

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Passionate trolling angler Frerk Petersen with the Freddi Flutter and Salmon Doctor spoons that are being launched this season by Rhino.
↑ Dane Freddi Hansen shows off the result of a session with the Freddi Flutter.
↑ Both the Freddi Flutter (top) and Salmon Doctor spoons are available in eight proven colours.

Zebco Europe brand Rhino is introducing two new spoons, each in two sizes, for the trolling season.

The Freddi Flutter is a classic, thin-bladed trolling spoon while the Salmon Doctor, which has a somewhat thicker blade, is a lure that can be used for longline fishing without any diver or paravan.

Zebco Europe Marketing Director Frerk Petersen, a passionate and renowned trolling angler, said: “We have Freddi Hansen from Denmark to thank for the Freddi Flutter. He came to us with a hand-made prototype that was so agile in the water in our initial tests that we simply had to manufacture it. Anglers will instantly fall in love with it.

“The lure immediately tempted numerous specimen salmon during testing. What is particularly special is that, in view of the rising demand for ultra-large trolling lures, we are offering this model not only in the standard XL size (140 mm), but also in an XXL size (190 mm), which is practically unique in the market. When salmon are hunting for large prey, the Freddi Flutter XXL will be irresistible!

“The Salmon Doctor, on the other hand, is a lure with a difference. Not only is it heavier, but the wide end is positioned at the front. As a result, the lure acts significantly differently from most common models. The action is more one of tilting sideways than waggling from the rear, and with a slow rhythm. It is a  guaranteed bullseye when salmon and similar are not in the mood to chase super-agile prey, which is often the case.

“It is a perfect additional string to your bow later in the season when salmon have seen practically every common lure. The Salmon Doctor in size M (110 mm) is also irresistible to sea trout – that’s my insider tip for the coming season. The 156 mm XL version is predominantly used by salmon anglers, all the more since the lure can be presented on a longline.”

Both new Rhino spoons are available from retailers now in eight attractive and proven designs.



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