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Revealed: Carp Zoom’s top bait launches for 2012

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New: XXL Carp is destined to be another top seller for Carp Zoom this year.
↑ Boost: Carp Fiesta Groundbait is now available in three new flavours.
↑ Unique: Mega Barrel is said to combine the properties of boilies and pellets.

Hungarian bait manufacturer Carp Zoom has announced the top ten baits it has earmarked to give it increased market share in 2012. The launch is seen as a declaration of intent in its core market after last year’s decision to diversify into carp tackle with the Carp’N’Carp brand.

Full details of the ten new baits can be seen in the March issue of Angling International. The list is made up of innovative groundbaits, boilies, pastes, pellets and dips.

Leading the way is XXL Carp, which is available in a boilie and boilie paste and is, says Carp Zoom, ‘the ideal answer for carp anglers chasing big fish’. It comes in three flavour combinations.

Carp Zoom has further improved its offering to carp anglers by adding three new flavours to its popular Carp Fiesta Groundbait range: XXL Carp Red with strawberry; XXL Carp Yellow with honey essence; and Carp Black. The Carp Black has been especially designed for cold water conditions, adds Carp Zoom.

Mega Barrel is a unique new product that is said to unite the advantages of boilies and pellets. It is based on high quality boilie ingredients and stuffed in a special pellet shape. It is available in two sizes (20mm and 30mm) and six flavours: Strawberry-fish, Red Robin, Wild Cherry, Banana-hemp, Pineapple-squid and Mexicano. There is also a Carp Barrel version.

Other new launches include Feeder Zoom Groundbaits developed especially for feeder fishing; Spice Bomb, which is a family of special hot-spicy flavours available in boilies, pop-ups, dips and pastes; and Catfish Mega Pellet, which is available with an accompanying dip for extra pulling power.

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