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RBFF reports offer guidance on where to find new anglers

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David Rodgers, Communications Manager at the RBFF, has highlighted three reports to help the industry grow its audience.

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) – the organisation tasked with growing participation in the two leisure pursuits in the US – has highlighted three new reports to help the industry grow its audience. 

“It’s been known for years now that fishing and boating are becoming more diverse than ever before,” says David Rodgers, Communications Manager for the RBFF.

“In fact, the latest Special Report on Fishing proclaims participation in recreational angling reached a record level of diversity in 2018. But who are these participants? And how do we engage them?

“The RBFF recently released findings from three separate reports that help us better understand the changing marketplace and make recommendations on how to interact with emerging audiences.

“The first report, RBFF’s Marketing Segmentation Study came out of a desire to learn more about the consumer groups who are most likely to participate in fishing or boating and to see if there are any new groups we should be including in our outreach. 

“The research includes important nuggets of information that all our stakeholders can use. In fact, the study identified 100 million potential boaters and 88 million would-be anglers. You can use this research to see a breakdown of the current audience and the potential impact on participation each segment holds.

“With culturally diverse anglers and boaters getting out on the water more and more each year, now is the time to start targeting these audiences, if you haven’t already.

“Our Multicultural Research helps you do just that. Not only do some of these audience members speak a different language than you or me, but they also interact with media differently than the general market. Learn more about how to reach these diverse audiences and where to interact with them through this research.

“While conducted mainly for our state agency partners, it presents an opportunity for every member of the fishing and boating community to do a better job of growing fishing participation. 

“The study recommends focusing on urban fishing to capitalise on the urbanisation of today’s population. Additionally, many potential anglers are already outdoors, participating in crossover activities like boating and camping.

“If you want to better recruit new customers, retain the ones you have, and reactivate those you’ve lost, these recommendations will get you well on your way.

“Unsurprisingly, each of the three reports separately pointed at the need to utilise diverse, equitable and inclusive tactics in ensuring these new audience groups feel welcomed enough to become lifelong anglers and boaters.

“It’s clear these new audiences represent a vast opportunity for us to grow fishing and boating participation and now we have clear guidelines to follow in our quest to engage them. Now is the time to act. How do you plan on growing your audience this year?”

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