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RBFF offers marketing tips to increase your customer base

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The RBFF, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, has issued five marketing tips to increase your company’s customer base.

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) recently celebrated its 20th year of recruiting, retaining and reactivating anglers and boaters.

It has revealed what has contributed to its success over the last 20 years – adjusting to the changing demographics and marketing the right messages.

“Hooking a more diverse audience on fishing is critical to our industry’s success, but how do we do it? While RBFF has taken the lead in researching and reaching out to emerging audiences, there is still much the industry can do to create lifetime customers,” said RBFF President & CEO Frank Peterson.

Make the most of your marketing dollars with these pro tips:

  • Deliver content that matches up with your typical customer journey. Promote how useful your organisation, product or service is for new customers; focus on cross-promotion for your more established customers.
  • Test and refine your strategy for each marketing channel you utilise. The message you use in your email marketing will likely miss the mark if used on Instagram, for example.
  • Determine which marketing strategies work best for your business and keep track of performance. While larger platforms like Google or Facebook may allow you to reach a broader audience, more specialised channels can lead to better bang for your marketing buck. When starting out on a new channel, set a testing budget so you’re able to compare its performance with your choice of metrics (clicks-on ads, purchases, etc.).
  • Understand how content is consumed differently on each channel you utilise. Videos on Facebook and Instagram are typically watched with the sound off. If your call to action is only in the video’s audio, your audience may miss it completely.
  • Work with Millennials. Want to know how to engage a younger, more diverse audience? Hire them. If you don’t have budget to spend here, try recruiting your millennial customers to act as an influencer for your brand.

Take action today by heading to, your home base for all things 60 in 60. Here, you will find downloadable resources and even more tips on how you can increase participation and effectively recruit, retain and reactivate your own customers.

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