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Rapala introduces Storm Arashi brood

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Heading up the Rapala Arashi family is the Silent Square.
↑ The Rattling Flat 7 swims with a tight, wriggling action that creates flashes and vibrations.
↑ The Storm Arashi Rattling Deep 10 boasts a 'truckload' of tail-kick.

Rapala USA introduced its Storm Arashi family of lures at ICAST in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Heading up the brood is the Arashi Silent Square 3 and 5 which run with a lively rolling action and a pronounced tail kick. Their large ‘growling’ heads extend to a sharp tail, creating an unadulterated buoyancy to back out of cover while the square lip design adds increased deflection – creating the perfect match for contacting structure.

The Silent Square is an ultra quiet, non-rattling bait that is said to be perfect for targeting wary or pressured fish in shallow water. The Silent Square 3 is 2-1/8ins long and weighs ½oz with a running depth of 3ft, while the Silent Square 5 is 2-3/8ins long, weighs 5/8oz and has a running depth of 5ft.

The new Arashi Rattling Flat 7 swims with a tight wriggling action that creates maximum flash and vibration to bring the angry out of bass. It has a multi-ball rattle that produces a loud, variable pitch and its long cast design sets sail for distance with meticulous accuracy.

At 2-1/8ins long and weighing 7/16oz, it runs at the 7ft water column delivering ‘jaw-dropping’ results, says Rapala.

Rounding out the ArashiI family is the Rattling Deep 10. As its name suggests, it swims at 10ft and has a moderate rolling action for the right amount of search – and a ‘truckload’ of tail-kick.

The internal multi-ball rattle produces a loud, yet variable pitch for added attraction, and the long-cast design gets the bait on the mark with the subtlest of touches. It is 2-3/8ins long and weighs 9/16oz.

All the lures come with premium Black Nickel VMC® treble hooks in size 02 and 04 and are available in 12 colour patterns, including Hot Blue Shad, Bluegill, Baby Bass, Crappie, Blue Back Herring, Wakasagi, Rusty Craw, Mossy Chartreuse Craw, Red Craw, Hot Chartreuse, Parrot and Black Silver Shad.



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