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Tackobox Poletap Smartrod designer is deadly serious

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The Tackobox Poletap Smartrod has been described as the world’s first and only computerised fishing rod.

A revolutionary new fishing rod or just another new-fangled contraption that won’t last the distance?

Only time will tell, but right now one thing’s for certain, the manufacturers of the Tackobox Poletap Smartrod – described as the world’s first and only computerised fishing rod – are deadly serious.

Tooling is completed, manufacturing is ready to go following ‘many years’ of product development and quality control measures are in place.

Inventor, Edward Hope, explains that the Smartrod is based on a one-button concept. To turn it on you simply push the button and pick which sensitivity setting you want. It will let you know if you get a bite by way of a light and sound alert or light only alert.

The rod is battery powered, with the batteries lasting one to two fishing seasons depending on use.

“It’s so smart it will automatically turn off the alert as you reel in the fish so as not to interfere with your fishing experience,” says Hope. “The Smartrod also has a digital read-out for high, medium or low sensitivity settings. The HML display will flash green every 12 seconds to let you know what sensitivity setting you are in, as well as letting you know the rod is on and searching for activity from your fish.

“When in the design stages simplicity of use was a priority. All functions are from a one-button concept. As an example of our technology, when in high sensitivity setting you can just lightly touch the tip and it will go off, yet still be able to hold the rod and walk around without setting off the alert.

“You can use medium and low settings for wind, waves, trolling, heavy rain or fishing in current. If you are fishing in rain it’s no problem as the Smartrod is water resistant. This is the world’s first and only programmable fishing rod using Computer Controlled Accelerometer Technology, protected by our full utility patent, design patent as well as software copyrights and trademarks.

“It is the ideal choice for catfish, striper and other freshwater and saltwater game fish. This technology is also perfect for European carp fishermen because the alarm is built into the rod with no need to purchase any extra accessories or attachments. It also works well for fishermen with disabilities. We want people who are visual or hearing impaired to know fishing is available to them.”

Hope also explains that his company licensed another Poletap brand to a major manufacturer, but that the technology has nothing in common with the new rods.

The Smartrod is available as a seven-foot two-piece medium action spinning rod or a six-foot six-inch two-piece medium action spincast rod.





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