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PRADCO brand adds three new series of crankbaits

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Planned to make a splash at ICAST: the new Lindy Wally Shad for big walleyes.
↑ The Lindy Wally Demon is another terror on trophy walleyes. Will you add it to your ranges?
↑ Ready to impress in Orlando: the deep diving Lindy Rally Fish crankbait completes the range.

For 2015 PRADCO-Fishing brand Lindy is adding three series of crankbaits which it says are destined to be mainstays for anglers after walleye, zander and sauger.

They are designed to catch in shallow water, medium depths and when the fish are holding deep.

The new Lindy Wally Shad works the shallow cover and structure, diving to around six feet on the cast and 13 feet when trolled. The Wally Demon comes in two sizes – one (LWD2) that dives to about seven feet on the cast and 11 feet on the troll and the larger size (LWD3) which swims at ten feet on the cast and down to 17 when trolled.

The Rally Fish is the deepest diver of the new trio. This 3½ inch crankbait dives down past 12 feet on the cast and to 26 feet on the troll.

All the Lindy baits feature cutting-edge colour patterns and quality red hooks. Built tough enough to take on trophy fish, the Lindy baits can also be used behind planer boards or on leadcore line to achieve any designed depth.

Shad and similar baitfish are preferred forage for trophy walleyes and the new Lindy Wally Shad is designed to replicate that thin-bodied profile, while incorporating colour patterns proven to be effective on big walleyes.

This 2½ inch ⅓ ounce crankbait features a tight wriggle action that sends hard pulsed vibrations that bring fish in from a distance and trigger strikes. The needle sharp #6 blood red treble hooks do the rest. It is available in ten colour patterns.

Described as a terror on trophy walleyes, the Wally Demon is available in two sizes and 11 colour patterns. It produces a mid-range wobble action and features perfect pitch rattles and sharp red #6 hooks on the smaller baits and #4 on the larger models.

The Rally Fish has the look and action to fool big game fish no matter where they swim. On the interior it contains pitch-perfect rattles for long distance fish attraction. It is armed with #4 red trebles.



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