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‘Overwhelming’ response to new GLISS line

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The new GLISS mono has stirred trade interest around the globe.
↑ WFT MD Christian Dibisch says the number of enquiries is unprecedented.

German manufacturer WFT has been ‘overwhelmed’ by the response to the story in this month’s Angling International about its new GLISS brand of monofil line.

Managing Director Christian Dibisch reported an ‘unprecedented’ number of enquiries about the line, an extruded hmpe fibre with very impressive diameter-to-strength ratios.

The line, says Dibisch, has many of the qualities of both a braid and a monofilament and is four times the breaking strength of quality mono.

However, Dibisch’s joy has been tempered by the fact that the diameter for a 4kg strength GLISS became confused in the communication between himself and Angling International, with the result that a typographical error occurred.

“The diameter for GLISS at that strength would be 0.10, which is still incredibly thin,” he said. “The important thing is that it is absolutely correct that GLISS is four times the breaking strength of mono lines of the same diameter.

“It is unfortunate if anyone was confused by the original, smaller statistic, but I want to emphasise that GLISS is still a remarkably thin line compared to any other mono currently on the market.

“It has taken two and a half years to develop this unique product and while it may look like normal monofilament it has huge advantages in performance. Apart from its strength, it has three times less stretch than monofilament.”

Telephone and email enquiries about the new line have been off the scale, with major interest coming from the US, Australia, South Africa and Japan, as well as Europe.

Meeting demand should not be a problem. Dibisch explained that GLISS has massive production advantages over braid, claiming to be able to produce 1,000 metres in a matter of minutes compared to around 100 hours to produce the same length of braid.


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