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Old Ghost unveils surprise new bait at EFTTEX

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After declaring its intentions to be the first Chinese company to plan a major launch into the European bait market, Old Ghost has surprised EFTTEX visitors with another unexpected announcement on the eve of the show in Amsterdam.

The Chinese bait giant’s launch at the show was largely expected to centre on three key products, its new Double-layered boilies, its Continuously-Dissolving Groundbait Pellets and its Fresh-keeping Hookbait Sausage. But just days before the show, Old Ghost announced a new product – Fresh-keeping Groundbait Sausage, a sister product to the Hookbait Sausage, winner of the Best Product Showcase at China Fish.

Explaining the move, Yi Zhe, the owner of Old Ghost and leader of the product development team, said: “Groundbait and hookbait are the two most important types of fishing bait. When we were developing the hookbait sausage, we were also considering its twin product, the groundbait sausage. And now both twins are ready for the water.

“EFTTEX 2011 is to witness the unveiling of the groundbait sausage, which we believe will be another great surprise to the trade.”

Old Ghost Fresh-keeping Groundbait Sausages are kept in the same world-class hi-tech fresh-keeping film used to encase Fresh-keeping Hookbait Sausages. No matter when you open them during their lifetime, their aroma and nutrients are as fresh as they would be in nature. “The groundbait sausage can keep its quality for up to 18 months if stored in a cool place,” adds Yi Zhe.

“We believe that our groundbait sausage and hookbait sausage will be a serious addition to any distributors’ portfolio and make their sales network more solid,” adds Yi Zhe. “They will be major attractions within retail outlets, becoming strong money-makers. And, most importantly, these revolutionary creations will help anglers catch more fish and enjoy their fishing even more.”

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