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Old Ghost turns attention to match anglers

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Old Ghost is targeting its range of mini double-layered boilies at match fishermen.
↑ Antarctic Krill – one of the four flavours in Old Ghost's latest range of double-layered mini boilies.

The merits of Old Ghost double-layered boilies for carp have been well documented on this website. But the Chinese bait company has now unveiled mini double-layered boilies, primarily targeting the match angler.

The original double-layered boilies grabbed the headlines earlier this year when they won the Best New Product Award in the Soft/Natural Hookbait category at EFTTEX.

And Old Ghost President Mr Yi Zhe reiterated the importance of the concept. “Traditionally, boilies are single-layered and knowledge of fish behaviour tells us that fish have a memory. So when a fish is caught by the common boilie, the fish will remember this.

“Next time, when it comes across boilies of the same kind, it will hesitate to take them. To resolve this problem, we have added a second layer to the common boilie, using favourite baits such as maggots, snails, krill, bloodworm, etc. When in the water, the surface layer takes on a natural appearance and gives off the aroma of the natural forage food of fish. As a result, the fish will take it as its natural food with confidence.

“We also found that there is a niche market in match fishing for mini boilies. The available mini boilies on the market currently are only single-layered and most of them are not made by natural ingredients and not so attractive to fish. In addition, we have to consider the fish and the environment. For the future of our industry, we must take care of the fish and the environment as much as we can. Taking this into consideration, we developed the mini double-layered boilies for matching fishing.”

The match boilies are available in 6mm and 8mm sizes. For the initial launch, there will be three different flavors: Antarctic Krill, maggot and bloodworm.

“As far as we know, there are some commercial fisheries in the UK that don’t allow anglers to use big boilies for carp fishing, but we think they will allow our match boilies as they are small, natural, and totally edible,” explained Mr. Yi Zhe.

“We are convinced that our unique boilies for both carp fishing and match fishing will increase the catch rate of anglers who choose them and give them a real edge.

“To date, Old Ghost has tested its products in over 20 countries in Europe. Of all the ranges tested, the double-layered boilies are the most wanted by the trade and by anglers.”









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