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Old Ghost serves up new flavours at EFTTEX

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The full range of products in the Old Ghost X-Attractive groundbaits line-up.
↑ Old Ghost's Natural Attractant range – set to be launched at EFTTEX.

Old Ghost – an EFTTEX winner in Amsterdam last year – is returning to the show in Paris with numerous new products for the European market.

The giant Chinese baitmaker picked up an EFTTEX Best New Product Award in the Soft Dough/Natural Hookbait category for its Freshkeeping Hookbait Sausage in 2011 and will be aiming for more success with its Double Layered Boilies.

It will also be introducing two new ranges – X-Attractive Groundbait and Natural Attractant.

The Natural Attractant features:

Krill Meal

Made from ocean krill. When making groundbait or hookbait, add Krill meal at a ratio of 1:10 to 1:5 to greatly increase the attractiveness of the bait. It works instantly in cold conditions.

Recommended for carp, roach, bream, crucians and tench.

Maggot Meal

With a strong maggot fragrance, it is made from bacteria-free maggots which have been baked and crushed. Add Maggot Meal to groundbaits and hookbaits at a ratio of 1:10.

It is especially effective in fisheries where you loose feed maggots over a long period of time.

Good for carp, bream, crucians and all river fish.

Silkworm Chrysalis Meal

Has a unique fishy silkworm chrysalis smell and is made from silkworm chrysalis which is baked dry. Add at a ratio of 1:10 to 1:5.

Good for big carp, bream, crucians and catfish.

Protein Binding Agent

Old Ghost will also be introducing a Protein Binding Agent that is made of edible plant protein. Add the agent at a ratio of 1:10 to 1:5 and it will greatly increase the stickiness of the bait which will help secure it to the hook.

The fluffy shape is easy for the fish to suck in.

To make a paste, mix the Protein Binding Agent with Old Ghost Powder Groundbait at a ratio of 1:5 and add water.

The Protein Binding Agent should be mixed evenly with other products first.

In the X-Attractive Groundbait range are:

River Squid and Hempseed

Made from squid liver powder, snail algae, silkworm chrysalis and hempseed –natural food for all river fish and predators – using modern extrusion technology.

River Green Algae

Made from marine algae, codfish meal, snail, silkworm chrysalis, soybean, corn and hempseed – all enjoyed by chub, grass carp, barbel, carp and bream.

Antarctic Krill

Ingredients include Antarctic Krill and its extract fishmeal, lugworm, soybean protein and amino acids, appealing to barbel, carp, roach, tench and crucians.

Specimen Carp

Natural food, such as soybean, wheat, snail, lugworm, silkworm chrysalis, mussel and alga, make up this carp-enticing groundbait.

All the groundbaits can swell two to three times when absorbed with water, giving off a strong appealing attractant. The tiny particles will not dissolve in the water, keeping the fish in the swim longer.




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