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Northland’s Dip-Stick “too wacky and weird’ to resist

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“Too wacky and weird to resist.” That’s how Northland Fishing Tackle describes its new Impulse Dip-Stick, a meaty five-inch soft plastic worm designed to put more bass in the boat.

“The Dip-Stick is the pro angler’s number one choice for Texas Rigging or Wacky Rigging both weighted and unweighted worms,” says Team Northland founder John Peterson. “The porous, scent dispersing plastic is loaded with Northland’s exclusive SinkerSalt™ formula to create a faster drop rate than traditional soft baits. The unique combination of scent dispersion, salt attraction and wacky action, causes bass to pounce on it – even when they don’t want to eat.

“With its high salt content, the Dip-Stick slowly sinks without additional weight. Anglers most often rig them by inserting a large single worm hook through the centre of the bait, creating a slow, fluttering fall with the two ends wiggling seductively, daring fish to bite.

“Once the Dip-Stick reaches bottom, pause a few seconds, and then twitch the bait a couple of times to make it rise, twin ends flipping and flopping before sinking to rest. As deadly as it is on largemouths, big smallmouths perhaps love it even more.”

The Impulse Dip-Stick comes in eight natural colours. They are packaged nine worms per resealable bag for handy storage and use.

Northland Fishing Tackle, based in Minnesota, specialises in premium quality jigs, live bait rigs, spinnerbaits and spoons.

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