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Northland announces heavy duty Predator Rig for fierce, toothy fish

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Northland Predator Rig - Y Yoke Harness - Terminal Fishing Tackle The Predator Rig: Designed to hold baits perfectly horizontal.

Northland Fishing Tackle says that its ‘quick-strike’ Predator Rig™ sports a Y-Yoke Harness™ design that is head and tails superior to the traditional off-the-shelf devices and other ‘cobbled together’ configurations.

The Predator Rig™ is designed to securely hold live and dead baits perfectly horizontal.

At the business end of the rig is a pair of razor-sharp premium VMC® blood-red cone-cut treble hooks. Each one is dressed with a ‘Holographic’ Baitfish-Image™ attractor blade as well, adding double the tantalising flash to that already tempting minnow.

“The Predator Rig is a heavy-duty live or dead bait hook and attractor system for targeting the toothiest critters that would normally mince inferior quick-strike rigs,” says TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro-Staffer, Jeff ‘Gussy’ Gustafson.

“It’s the optimum system for presenting live suckers, ciscoes, chubs and dead baits in a natural horizontal position. The Predator Rig™ yields an amazingly powerful vertical hookset unlike traditional quick-strike rigs. With this rig, hook-up percentages are off the charts.”

The rig is constructed with 45lb Surflon® nylon-coated stainless steel, Bleeding Leader™ wire material and a 90lb No5 crane swivel held in place by a heavy-duty double-crimped leader sleeve.

The entire rig is designed to eliminate bite-offs whether bobbling below a float or dangling under a tip-up.

It is available in three hook sizes (4, 2, 1/0) and totally adjustable to present any size or shape of live or dead bait in a natural pose.

The Predator Rig™ comes in four ‘Holographic’ Baitfsh-Image™ attractor blade colours – Silver Shiner, Gold Shiner, Firetiger and Orange Tiger.

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