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New 13-carrier WFT braid believed to be a world first

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The new WFT 12+1 braid from World Fishing Tackle is believed to be a world first.
↑ The 12+1 Center Braid from WFT has taken Christian Dibisch and his team at WFT more than a year to perfect.

A new braid going on sale later this year is believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

The exciting new launch from World Fishing Tackle in Germany (WFT) is the 12+1 Center Braid, so called because the 13th carrier is threaded through the hollow core of the braid.

The challenging and complex process used to develop the new product has taken WFT’s Managing Director, Christian Dibisch, and his team more than a year to perfect. It is now ready for shipping from late October.

“There is already one 12 carrier braid in the market, but 12+1 is certainly the first to incorporate 13 carriers,” said Dibisch. “It has been a big technical challenge but we have produced a line with unique qualities.”

Dibisch is reluctant to reveal too many production details, but explained that the concept is based on threading a single, fine carrier into the hole that exists in the centre of the braid.

This firms up the inner core and maintains roundness, even under pressure. It also overcomes the problem of the large bore in a 12-carrier soaking up water, creating spray and impairing casting, says the manufacturer.

All 13 carriers are the same diameter and are the thinnest HMPE carrriers available in Japan. These are critical to the characteristics of the braid, which is currently being manufactured in one diameter of 0.09mm (9kg/20lb breaking strain).

Tests have shown that the thinner the line, the more obvious the beneficial qualities, although bigger diameters can be produced if there is a demand.

Although WFT has installed new machinery specifically to produce the line, the process is still time consuming because of the precision required. The ‘fixing’ of the inner core to stop it moving is also very costly, explained Dibisch.

“We have not made this braid just to say we can do it,” he stressed. “We wanted to satisfy ourselves that there would be advantages over an eight carrier braid, otherwise there was no point in doing it. This is our most expensive line so it has to be superior.

“In fact, it exceeds all the performance characteristics of an eight carrier braid. The 13th carrier makes it stronger and more durable, giving the line an amazingly long life due to maximum abrasion resistance.

“It has better roundness than eight carrier braid, which means a better line lay on the spool and longer, more accurate casting. The slightly undulating nature of the line’s surface also makes it incredibly good for knotting. You can use any knot you want.”

WFT has created a new coating for the 12+1 that is so slick and friction-free that it will be used across all the company’s other braids. A new pigment formula has also delayed the fading process.

Dibisch believes that serious spinning anglers will quickly recognise the benefits of the braid, whether used on a spinning reel or multiplier reel.

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