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Okuma introduces lighter and stronger spinning reels

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The Helios spinning reels incorporates the new technology, known as C-40X.
↑ The Okuma RTX is up to 25% lighter and 50% stronger than standard graphite-frame spinning reels,

The use of new long-strand carbon fibre framing technology in the construction of fishing reels can make them up to 25% lighter and 50% stronger than standard graphite-frame spinning reels, says Okuma.

It’s little wonder then that the celebrated manufacturer is excited by its new Helios and RTX series, both of which incorporate the new technology, known as C-40X.

“Long-strand carbon fibre construction is exactly as it sounds,” explains Okuma. “Rather than graphite resin, which uses powdered filler for strength, C-40X features a mix of long carbon fibre strands interwoven tens of thousands of times.

“By greatly enhancing the connection points between all fibres, strength is increased by a factor of 50%. And because less resin and fibre is necessary overall, weight is reduced by 25% over standard graphite frames.”

Okuma reveals that its standard graphite-frame spinning reels in size 30 weigh over 8oz. Helios and RTX spinning reels hover in the mid 6oz range.

The internal components of the Helios and RTX series have also been strengthened. Traditional brass main gears and oscillating gears have been replaced with AlumiLite alloy gears. Harder and stronger than brass, AlumiLite gears allow fuller utilisation of the framing system.

Points of difference between the Helios and RTX can be found in the drag, handle systems and available gear ratios. Helios features a full carbon fibre drag system for heat dissipation under heavy drag loads, while the RTX uses Okuma’s ultra-smooth Japanese oiled felt drag.

The Helios handle arm has a woven carbon fibre shaft, while RTX has a forged aluminium handle. The Helios family is built on a 10-bearing system and is available in standard speed (5:1) in sizes 25, 30, 35 and 40, along with high-speed (6:1) models in sizes 25 and 40.

The RTX is an eight-bearing system and is available in four high-speed (6:1) sizes, including 25, 30, 35 and 40. High speed models are identified by an ‘S’ at the end of the model number, for example Hx25S and RTX-30S.

Okuma says that when paired with rod families like Helios, C-340X and Citrix, the Helios and RTX spinning reels make 10oz rod and reel combinations attainable.


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