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New Spro predator rods get MicroWave guides

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European brand, Spro, has introduced a nine-model range of Insync predator rods.
↑ Spro's new Insync predator rods are built on high-density carbon and T-glass blanks.
↑ The new Insync rods are equipped with the award-winning MicroWave guide system from American Tackle.

A new range of predator rods from European brand, Spro, combines a revolutionary blank design with the latest MicroWave guides from the American Tackle Company. The result, says Spro, is a strong, but thin and sensitive rod that will improve casting distance and accuracy.

The nine models in the Insync series are built on high-density carbon and T-glass blanks that create a high compression resistance. In addition, carbon-tape wrapping is used to reinforce and protect against cracking under extreme loads.

While providing the optimal torque in the rods, Spro has also sought to reduce weight to a minimum to reduce angler fatigue.

The performance is further enhanced by the use of the award-winning MicroWave guides, which offer a line control system many people believe superior to anything else available and which are very appropriate for spinning and baitcasting where accuracy and distance are paramount.

The nine models currently available in the Insync series are:

  • Insync Micro Spin & Dropshot 602 7-28g:

 A sensitive rod for light spinning and dropshot fishing. Short and fast for fishing light lures such as spinners, micro plugs and shads. Ideal for dropshotting from long quays, piers and jetties and between boats in the harbour.
  • Insync Crank-Jig & Light Popper 601/BC 7-28g:
 Short single-section baitcasting rod for light fishing with small plugs and jigs and also with poppers for perch and asp.
  • Insync Mini Crank & Micro Jig 632 3-18g:
 Ultra-light predator rod for fishing with modern micro-baits, especially shads and light jigheads. Also good for casting small plugs for perch and zander and has enough power to handle larger pike.
  • Insync Crank-Jig & Light Popper 662 7-28g: 
The action suits all-round fishing with plugs, jigheads and light poppers. The short length allows fishing hard to reach places along scaffoldings, between boats and under bridges.
  • Insync Mini Crank & Jig 702 3-24g:
 Light predator rod for fishing with small plugs and jigs. Also favourite for waters where larger predators are possible.
  • Insync Crank-Jig & Light Popper 732 7-28g:
 Developed for all-round plug, shad and popper fishing.
  • Insync MH Bait – Grubs & Shads 732 9-38g:
 A slightly heavier blank version for the ‘urban’ fishing style. Ideal for casting shads and other plastics. The action, combined with MicroWave guides, makes it possible to fish tough spots that are normally difficult to reach.
  • Insync Medium Hardbait-Grubs & Shads 732BC 9-38g:
 Good for accurate casting of medium-sized plugs and shads, especially when that little bit of extra body in the blank is needed.
  • Insync Medium/Large Hardbait-Grubs & Shads 802 14-48g: 
A robust rod intended for both freshwater and light-tackle saltwater use. Will cast larger shads and offers sufficient backbone to set the hook at distance.


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